At Saola, eco-design is not just a statement of intent, but a philosophy that applies to every stage of product development.
It starts with the priority given to natural and recycled materials.
It goes through manufacturing processes that reduce CO2 emissions and continue with the extension of the life span and recyclability of our shoes.

Today, recycled or natural materials represent 60 to 80% of the components used to manufacture our shoes. By 2025, the goal is to reach 100%. Achieving all this without sacrificing comfort, sturdiness and lightness so that the best way to walk is still and always ours. 

The materials of our insoles


Known and recognized for the exceptional resistance and grip of its soles, Vibram chose to innovate by creating the natural compound Vibram Ecostep.
Made with over 90% natural ingredients without the use of solvents or chemicals, but instead dyed with pigments from plants and organic agricultural by-products.
This alternative solution guarantees the same performance in terms of strength and grip.
A key step forward for the environment and gives Saola the opportunity to take the lead by integrating Ecostep into our soles.


Rise, formerly Rise (ex Bloom Foam), is a high-performance foam made from resin, algae biomass and bio-sourced additives.  

A process that makes the best of an unideal situation when we know that:

- on the one hand, algae are growing exponentially with global warming, to the point of presenting a risk for ecosystems.

- on the other hand, they do not require fossil fuels or arable land to grow. 

Turning excess algae biomass into a sustainable resource is therefore a real opportunity for biodiversity preservation.
For all these reasons, SAOLA soles contain 20% algae.
An invitation to go green in a different way!  


Turning yesterday's waste into tomorrow's resources. 

At Saola, nothing is lost, and everything is recovered
This includes the material lost during the production of EVA soles. Added to the new mixture, the production waste is used to create new soles.

The materials of our outsoles


Is what we choose for the interior of your insoles.

Hand harvested, without the need to cut down trees, cork is an organic material and ecological. But not only that…

It is also flexible and resistant, durable and waterproof, hypoallergenic and easy to clean!
It's only a short step from there to choose it as a material for our insoles... a step that Saola took a long time ago. 


Made from petroleum, PET is the most widely used plastic in the world. It is used in the food industry to make packaging and water bottles, and in the textile industry as polyester.
Hence the idea of recycling these products to obtain a secondary raw material: recycled pet.

A GRS-certified (Global Recycled Standard) resource guarantees a responsible and less-polluting production process, which allows both to give waste real use and also to preserve oil resources.
No wonder Saola chose to integrate recycled petroleum from the start. Just to start off on the right foot. 


The big advantage of knit construction is to avoid the waste of materials by adapting the production exactly to the size of the shoe. Another advantage: the guarantee of optimal comfort with lightness and breathability.  

 And finally, the knit that we use is certified and labelled OEKO-TEX.


At Saola, the leather is not natural, and for once, it's all the better.

Made of 40% recycled PET (recycled plastic bottles) and 60% PU, it is a vegan alternative that responds as much to the concerns of the moment as to the challenges of tomorrow. 

The idea is launched, and on your feet, it has not finished making its way. 


The organic cotton used in our laces is GOTS certified. This means that the production and transformation processes used are environmentally friendly, including:  

- water consumption reduced by 50%. 

- preference is given to the use of organic fibres, produced from natural composts instead of pesticides and other chemical fertilizers.  

- the absence of dangerous inputs such as toxic heavy metals and aromatic solvents. 

A natural solution to be used by everyone!