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Why developping women’s sustainable shoes?

We developed this collection of women’s sustainable shoes with a few clear goals in mind: make them comfortable, make them cute, and make them with as many recycled materials as possible. 

From #ladyboss to #momlife, women wear a lot of hats, requiring a daily balancing act akin to that of a trapeze artist. So we first and foremost designed versatile silhouettes in easy-to-wear colors that can take you from casual Fridays to weekend jaunts with ease - because we know if they don’t look good and don’t feel good, nobody (not even us) will wear them.    

Comfortable shoes made with recycled materials

But SAOLAs are about a lot more than style and comfort. There are plenty of shoes on the market that achieve those fundamentals. However there aren’t many women's sustainable shoes out there, and that was a need we set out to address. With plastic pollution taking over our oceans and climate change threatening to literally change the landscape as we know it, brands need to change the way the manufacture and we all need to change the way we consume. It can be overwhelming when you think about it all, but we believe that small changes made by many equate to big changes long-term. And that focusing on what we can do rather than all the negative stuff out there empowers us. 

So we choose to lead by example. To build communities. To create change. And to minimize our environmental footprint. We hope that you will join the #MAKEANIMPACT movement and proudly wear SAOLA’s sustainable shoes as you walk through life. Thanks for being a part of the ride.


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