men's dark grey shoes from right side
men's dark grey shoes worn from left side
men's dark grey shoes overview from right side
men's dark grey shoes worn from behind
men's dark grey shoes view from behind

Wanaka M Canvas Dark Grey

Sale price$99.95
Size:US M 8

The WANAKA CANVAS, your new mid-top sneakers made from recycled materials!

100% vegan, good ankle support, ultra-light (0,55 lbs) and comfortable.
Made from recycled and bio-based materials.  

Materials and Features

Upper :

  • Canvas construction ups breathability for warm-weather comfort
  • made of 3 recycled plastic bottles.
  • 100% organic cotton laces.

Insole :

  •  100% natural cork, harvested algae foam and EVA make a perfect sustainable combo for maximum comfort.
  • Removable insole.

    Outsole :

    • Natural algaes and EVA brings lightness & cushioning while rubber reinforcements guarantee maximum durability.
    • 11 gallons of clean water returned to habitat per pair (BloomFoam tech)