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The 3R HAY! 100% recycled in limited edition.

100% vegan, water resistant, comfy.

Made from recycled materials in Portugal.

    • Upper made of recycled rubber and hay (90%) mixed with natural rubber (10%)
    • Insole : natural cork (5%) and recycled polyurethane (95%) make a good combo for a maximum of comfort.
    • Outsole : shredded shoes and recycled rubber (90%) mixed to natural rubber (10%) for the best durability.
      • 100% organic cotton laces.
      • Sustainable and unique
      • Ultra-comfy & flexibility 
      • Warm and cold-weather comfort
      • Very resistant to the water 
      • Removable insole 
      • Remove the insole
      • Machine wash coldTumble dry low
      • Handwash: use a wet cloth
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      • Made in Portugal

    More about the 3R Hay



    When creating the 3R HAY, our designers thought about how old shoes could be reused. We found the answer: in the soles of the next collections.

    This new pair therefore integrates shredded shoes which allows to reinforce the structure of the shoe and to drastically decrease our carbon footprint.

    We are currently working on a process to recover your used pair.

    push the limits of eco-responsibility even further

    We have created the 3R in a logic of circular economy.

    In order to reduce their consumption of resources and greenhouse gas emissions, this unique shoe recycles for the first time used shoes and then shredded to obtain an extraordinary mix of materials!

    The 3R is handmade in Portugal, in Porto, and is made of new, original and exclusive materials: hay, shredded shoes, recycled rubber, cork and organic cotton.


    Adopt a unique style both in terms of design and style. In a look much more committed than our usual products, we do offer this pair in a sporty/urban trend almost skate lifestyle. All-purpose with a neutral color, they are robust, eco-designed and stylish!


    For each pair of 3R HAY purchased we donate 1% of sales to Friends of Bonobos, a non-profit organization that provides endangered bonobos sanctuary from the illegal wild-animal trade.

    Located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the bonobos receive shelter and care before being released back into the rainforest. Friends of Bonobos works to raise awareness among locals and protect the forest, ensuring that wild
    animals and their habitat are preserved.

    Go to wildlife conservation

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