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We're Bananas about Bananas

We're Bananas about Bananas

October 23, 2020

Introducing our most sustainable shoe yet, the Cannon Banana - made with BANANATEX® fabric. 


We are always looking for innovative materials to offer the most sustainable and eco-friendly products. When we heard about banana fibers to create the upper of our shoes, we were super curious about it!

And we were not disappointed. This fabric is 100% natural, plastic free and durable.

To quote the company, “Bananatex® is the world’s first durable, waterproof fabric made purely from Banana plants. Cultivated in the Philippines within a natural ecosystem of sustainable forestry, the plant requires no chemical treatments.”

Before launching the fabric, the company proceeded in three years of research and development to answer questions of environmental, economic and social sustainability. Now, they can guarantee that the Abacà trees (banana plant) are 100% naturally grown, and that their fabric is a viable alternative to synthetic fabrics.

In addition to the banana fiber, beeswax is used in the fabric for water-repellent treatment and waterproof coating.



The whole production process consists of 10 steps:

  1. Abaca banana are planted in their natural habitat
  2. The stalks are cut
  3. Fiber extraction
  4. Paper making
  5. Yarn spinning
  6. Weaving
  7. Beeswax coating
  8. Assembly
  9. Manufacturing 
  10. Bananatex product: 100% biodegradable

CARE NOTE: If needed, hand wash the Bananatex® fabric using a soft cloth and lukewarm water. Air dry thoroughly, leather and metal parts should be washed and dried extra carefully. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

Photos © Bananatex®

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