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7 Checklists to Find Your Perfect Shoes

7 Checklists to Find Your Perfect Shoes

March 21, 2022

7 Checklists to Find Your Perfect Shoes, are you ready?!

Looking for the perfect shoes for the occasion? You can find your own personal perfect sustainable shoes from among thousands of models and brands by looking at the value they provide to you. Don’t forget to try them first before you decide to buy your perfect sustainable shoes. Here are the 7 checklists to find your perfect shoes:

1 - Instant Comfort when You Wear It

One thing that you need to pay attention to when trying to find your perfect shoes is when you wear them for the first time. You will find your perfect shoes if you can feel instant comfort when you wear them. The shoes will feel very good on your feet, and you can wear them without having to complain about anything.

The shoes that can comfort you when you wear them will become the perfect shoes you can wear every day. You don’t need to worry about wearing it for too long during the day. It will give you a comfortable feeling every time you wear it.


2 - Perfect Fit for Your Feet

Another thing to keep in mind is whether your shoes give a perfect fit for your feet. Of course, you will buy your shoes based on your foot size. But, let’s say that your foot size is 39 (based on the Euro size chart). It doesn’t mean that all shoes of the size 39 will give you the same comfort for your feet. It also doesn’t mean that the shoes of size 39 will give you a perfect fit. This is the reason you should try the shoes in person before deciding to buy it.

The perfect shoes for you will be the shoes that give a perfect fit for your feet. It just fits on your feet with no need for you to add anything to it. 


3 - It Has a Firm Foundation, and It Feels Good when You Walk on It

You also need to look at the shoes’ foundation. Does it have a firm foundation? A firm foundation is important for your shoes, because it will give you enough support when you wear it. It’s even more important to look for shoes with a firm foundation if you want to use them as running shoes or just shoes that you will use for various physical exercises. A firm foundation provides a reliable support for your feet, making it feel comfortable for you to wear it all day.

It’s also important to try walking on the shoes at least a few minutes before you decide to buy it. Also, you need to ensure that it allows your feet to move without restrictions when you wear it. The shoes that make you feel good when you walk on them will become your perfect shoes. 

4 - Stylish Design that Fits with Your Outfit Well

Look at the design of the shoes. Does it fit with your outfit? You should pick the shoes that can be a perfect match for your outfit. However, it’s also important for you to consider choosing the shoes that will match with various outfits that you wear. You don’t want to buy shoes for each outfit you have. So, picking the shoes that will match your general outfit style will become your perfect shoes.

The shoes design should also be stylish enough for you to wear for the next few years. Don’t pick shoes that are only suitable for specific seasons or occasions. You want shoes with a timeless design that are stylish enough for you to wear on different occasions and in all seasons. 

5 - Pain is Intolerable

The biggest problem with wearing shoes is that sometimes, you will feel pain around your feet when you wear certain shoes. Unless you are wearing high heels, you should never tolerate pain when wearing any shoes, even more so when you wear shoes for your casual daily activities. Pain is intolerable, so you should never pick the shoes that will cause pain around your feet when you wear it, even if it has a stylish design. Again, the shoes need to give you the best comfort the first time you wear it.

Any sign of pain on your feet when wearing certain shoes means the shoes are not the best fit for your feet, so it’s not the perfect shoes for you. You need to ensure that the shoes won’t cause any pain in your feet before you consider buying it.

6 - The Shoelaces Should Give a Firm Grip for Your Shoes

It’s also important for you to look at the shoelaces of the shoes. The shoelaces’ function is to provide grip on your shoes when you wear them. With the shoelaces, it should make the shoes capable of withstanding various movements of your feet. The bad news is that some shoelaces aren’t good enough in providing the grip for the shoes, and the shoelaces itself might loosen up when you wear the shoes.

You need to avoid this problem by ensuring that the shoelaces can give a firm grip on your shoes, even when you perform various activities while wearing the shoes. You don’t want to loosen up the shoe grip when you wear the shoes because of bad shoelaces.

7 - Buy High-Quality Shoes that Will Last Longer

Last but not least, it’s best for you to buy high-quality shoes that you can wear for many years, though the price might be expensive. Branded shoes might be more expensive than the regular non-branded shoes, but they often give you better durability and comfort when you wear them. Buying cheap low-quality shoes might allow you to spend less money on them, but you will sacrifice the comfort and durability factors when you buy cheap low-quality shoes.

It’s always better for you to go for high-quality shoes that will give you the best comfort and durability than to go for cheap low-quality shoes that only provide the basic comfort for you. Look for the quality if you want to find your perfect shoes.


Follow these simple checklists to find your perfect shoes. It might take some time for you to compare between different models, styles, brands, and so on. But, by following these checklists, you can find the perfect shoes you will enjoy wearing every day.


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